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Thanks and Recognition

Trefoil Guild Awards
There are two types of awards.
Trefoil Guild Thanks & Recognition brooch & certificate
This is a tangible way of saying Thank you to a member or non-member of Trefoil Guild

There are no criteria for this award and it can be purchased via the Girlguiding County Badge Secretary member or non-member of the Trefoil Guild.

This is an ideal brooch to present to recognise, for example, long service, holding a post within a Trefoil Guild, a job ‘well done’ or taking on extra responsibility. The choice is yours to make.
Trefoil Guild Silver Brooch
Presenting this brooch is a way of showing gratitude and recognition of service specific to Trefoil Guild. The brooch can be given to any member of Trefoil Guild, any adult member of Girlguiding, or a non-member who fulfills the criteria
The Trefoil Guild silver brooch is a very special award and should only be given for:
  • Commitment over and above the call of duty
  • Outstanding skills and service above and beyond what might be expected but not for length of service
  • A display of great courage or fortitude

Talk with your Country/Region Chairman who can help you with this application

The Application Process: 
  • Download application form here and complete
  • The form must then be checked and signed off by the County Chairman
  • The Country/Region Chairmen consider applications at their meeting on the same date as the Board of Trustees meeting. Therefore,all paper work should be received at the office 3 weeks before the meeting to allow it to be circulated. Dates are on the calendar on the website - click here
  • Your Country/Region chairman will notify you of the outcome after the meeting. Should the application be rejected she will be able to explain why. You can always reapply at a later date should there have been insufficient evidence.
 Organising an Application:
  • All applications should be made without the applicant knowing
  • Should the application be for the County/Region chairman, contact the national chairman for advice
  • The application should be accompanied by at least 3 and no more than 5 references
  • As the panel do not know the applicant give them as much information as possible. Explain why the applicant is special and different from other members. Give specific examples e.g. achievements, impact enthusiasm etc.
  • This is an award for commitment to Trefoil and not Girlguiding service. However, if the applicant gives service to Girlguiding as a Trefoil Guild member but is not a leader then this should be explained with examples. The form needs signing by your Country/Region chairman before submission.
  • Keep a copy of the application.

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