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Gold Voyage Congratulations

Gold Voyage Award - congratulations!
Due to the high number of our members acheiving their Gold Voyage Awards, we can no longer keep putting their names in The Trefoil magazine - there are just too many, and not enough space! Plus, our members are acheiving their awards faster than we get the magazine out so we have decided instead to put the space to more efficient use.

To make sure our members don't miss out on their well deserved congratulations, we will be keeping this page up to date with all the members who have acheived their Gold Voyage Award, as well as giving regular shout-outs across our social media pages.

For more information about the Voyage Award, or to apply, you can find the page here.


CONGRATULATIONS to the following members for completing their Gold Voyage Award!


Amanda Buckmaster of Woburn Trefoil Guild
Sheila Otter of Wisbech Trefoil Guild
Gillian Conlan of Woburn Trefoil Guild       
Peggy Warner of Woburn Trefoil Guild  
Wendy King  of Woburn Trefoil Guild  
Anne Greensides of Bourne District Trefoil Guild
Alison Faulkner of Witney Trefoil Guild   
Dorothy Sharpe Witney Trefoil Guild     
Valerie Boulter of Kidlington Trefoil Guild
Pat Muller of Guideacres Trefoil Guild
Janet Edwards of Three Rivers Trefoil Guild
Alison Weston of Woburn Trefoil Guild

London and South East Region
Carol Prigent of Merton Trefoil Guild
Gill Popham of Ewell Trefoil Guild
Margaret Garrad of Hastings & St. Leonards Trefoil Guild
Ruth Fisher of 1st Eastbourne Trefoil Guild
Georgina Witcomb of Cheam Trefoil Guild
Barbara Corris of Cheam Trefoil Guild
Janette Walker of Bromley North Trefoil Guild
Diane Henderson of Surrey West Out and About Trefoil Guild
Linda Scrivener of Surrey West Out and About Trefoil Guild

Cris Jones of Newport and District Trefoil Guild
Marguerite Eddolls of Northampton Trefoil Guild
Jaqueline Pentlow of Kettering Trefoil Guild
Lisa Hames of Tamworth Trefoil Guild
Marie Hames of Tamworth Trefoil Guild
Jan Parkinson of Hope Valley Centenary Trefoil Guild

North East England
Margaret Shaw of Huddersfield Dartmouth Trefoil Guild
Jean Rippon of Hull Trefoil Guild
Sue Evans of Bridlington Trefoil Guild
Janet Robinson of Bridlington Trefoil Guild 

North West England
Susan Mary Walsh of Blakewater Trefoil Guild
Brenda Robinson of Windermere Trefoil Guild
Siobhan Gascoigne of Derwent Trefoil Guild
Michelle Johnson of Duddon Trefoil Guild
Nicky Vatter of Derwent Trefoil Guild
Chris Revett of Macclesfield Trefoil Guild
Jennifer Timperley of Wistaston Trefoil Guild
Dorothy Dentith of Congleton Trefoil Guild

Dorothy Walker of St Giles Trefoil Guild 
Evelyn Cawford of Upper Irvine Valley Trefoil Guild
Rae Hill of Kilwinning Trefoil Guild
Elizabeth Howie of Kilwinning Trefoil Guild

South West England
Ann Kinchin of Saltash Trefoil Guild 
Susan Copley of Fleet Trefoil Guild
Tricia Dunford of Dorsetwide Trefoil Guild
Slyv Thomas of Kinson Trefoil Guild
Nicola Hunting of Tavistock Trefoil Guild
Valerie Fancy of Dorsetwide Trefoil Guild
Judith James of Forest of Dean South Division Trefoil Guild
Jean Williams of Blackwater Valley Trefoil Guild

Anne McCoy of Lurgan Trefoil Guild
Andree Best of Lurgan Trefoil Guild


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