Finance and General Purposes Committee
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Finance and General Purposes Committee

The committee oversee the budgets for the national organisation
This sub-committee, usually referred to as the F and GP committee. It is made up of a Chairman, appointed by the Executive Committee of Trefoil Guild, and three members. Where possible two are to be drawn from among the Country/Region Treasurers and one should be an independent member with financial acumen.  Ex-officio members are the Chairman of Trefoil Guild, the Deputy Chairman(where one exists),and the Honorary Treasurer. In attendance are the financial admistrator and a member of staff who takes minutes of the meeting.
In general appointments to this committee are for three years.
The purpose of the committee is to attend to any matters referred to it by the Executive Committee, any Task and Finish groups or members of Trefoil Guild and to make recommendations to the Executive.
It also makes grants from the Holiday Fund ,the Bursary Fund, the Platinum Fund and the Support, Development and Relief (SDR) Fund.
On receipt, applications for grants are emailed from the office to all F and GP members for comment. The Chairman then notifies the office of the majority opinion and the applicant is informed of the decision. This process speeds up payments of any grants awarded.
F and GP meets three times a year at Girlguiding Headquarters in London.
At each of these meetings the sub-committee ratifies all grants made between meetings; reviews the minutes from the previous meeting and receives a report on the progress of matters arising. It also receives reports from the National Chairman, the Treasurer, the advisers for programme/conference, international, public relations, magazine editor and web-site manager and notes from the previous Executive meeting.
In addition it compares the year-to-date income and expenditure report against the annual budget and deals with financial matters arising from any of the reports received.
Any correspondence items received by the office are considered. Often these are legal or Charity Commission requirements and there is always an investment report.
The spring meeting is usually held at the beginning of April, when, in addition to the regular items, it considers the Trustees Annual Report, and the accommodation for Annual Meetings. It reviews the policies and procedures for the office and volunteer roles and the terms of reference for committees. It also considers the External Examiner to be appointed for the Trefoil Guild for the next year  and makes a recommendation to the Executive Committee.
The summer meeting, currently held in July, prepares the budget for the next year and estimates for the following year. To do this effectively the committee reviews membership census reports, rates for volunteers expenses, advertising for the magazine ; staff salaries and benefits; and the service charges made by girlguiding. We also prepare future budgets for the Annual Meetings and others, such as, Country/Region advisers gatherings and members gatherings.
The end of year meeting  is held at the beginning of December when the committee reviews the annual income and expenditure with respect to budget for the next year.
We also review Risk Management and update the risk register and business recovery plan for recommendation to the Executive Committee.
The Chairman, with support from staff in the Trefoil Guild Office, is responsible for the on-going work of the committee between meetings.

Currently, each member of the committee assists the Chairman in this by taking a more
in-depth view of a particular topic. Examples of this are; Checking hotel accommodation for Annual Meetings; Looking for suitable partnerships; risk management and risk assessment; Investments; Fund application forms; database and online subscription levy. They then present a report  for the sub-committee to consider  and the Chairman, who is a voting member of the Executive makes recommendations from their findings to the Executive.

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