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Registered charity number 1075232

Talking Trefoil

Talking Trefoil is a talking version of The Trefoil magazine for those with visual impairment or any other disability that prevents them enjoying the paper magazine.

Four times a year members receive a memory stick through the post with the latest issue to be played on a 'Sapphire' player that is provided. As The Trefoil magazine is full of photos, the Talking Trefoil team, led by Doreen King, supplements the reading of the magazine with music and other delights to keep the listener interested. The memory stick then goes back in the post to be used next time.

If this all sounds a bit technical, do not worry! Each member wishing to listen to Talking Trefoil is introduced to the Sapphire player, the memory stick and the postal system by a trained, local Trefoil volunteer and there is plenty of support available.

To find out more about getting Talking Trefoil, for yourself or for someone you know, contact the Trefoil Guild Office.

To listen to previous issues of the Talking Trefoil, click here.

In the picture: Margaret, Maureen, Doreen, Pam and Jill

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