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Jenny Davies (Montgomeryshire) is on the Topaz Action Team. Members of the team come from all over the UK. They are self-funded, so please help them by taking part in the challenge, and gain a matrioshka badge.
Jill Stott (Caernarvonshire) is on the Scheme team whose responsibility is the development of TOPAZ.

October 2016 was an incredible month, after much preparation eight Trefoil members from various parts of the U.K. set t off to help Girl Scouts in Russia. Our remit was to meet up with the International Adviser for RADS (the Russia Association or Girl Scouts). Marina is a vivacious lovely lady in her mid twenties who had organised our visits to schools, meetings and colleges.
We visited Moscow, Volgograd, Astrakhan, Saratov and St Petersburgh and trained with children and leaders. We were on radio and television, and spread Guiding and Scouting  wherever we went. We travelled over two and a half thousand miles by train and walked more that 200 miles during our three work stay. Our hosts took us to so many places of interest in their cities so we were able to fit in sightseeing with them but there was very little shopping.
Altogether an exhausting, fascinating, wonderful experience for all of us. There are eight more Trefoil members getting ready to go to different places in Russia this coming October and in 2018 there will be a final Russia TOPAZ group. We hope that by then we will see an increase in awareness and more actual units.

St Petersburg Scout Group

 The Astrakhan Kremlin

               Why not find out more and apply for a place on that final team?
     TOPAZ will be moving to another country after Russia as we want International opportunities in Trefoil.


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