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Record Book Update

​The first Voyage Award Record Books were printed in 2013 when Trefoil Guild took on the award nationally after Anglia Region had run a pilot scheme in the region.
The original run of Record Books ran out in late 2014 as the Voyage Award took off and members were eager to join in! When it came the time to print more Record Books it was felt that some sections could be improved now that the award had been running over a year and some the processes could be made more efficient. Therefore, there are some differences between the 2013 Record Book and the 2015 Voyage Award Record Book.

If you have the 2013 Record Book you are expected complete the level you are working on and then to work to the updated 2015 guidelines set out in the sections below. If you have the 2015 Record Book you cannot work to the previous guidelines.

Click here for a complete guide to the changes between the Record Books

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