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Riding for the Disabled Association

Riding for the Disabled Association
Celebrate Together 2018 - Trefoil’s 75th Birthday
Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) is Trefoil’s chosen charity for our 75th year. Their National Championships is an inspiring event that takes place each year. Following local heats all around  the country and the finalists come together over three days in July to take part in a range of events including dressage, carriage driving, and show jumping.

The money you raise will be used to sponsor the ‘Countryside Challenge’ at the championships. With its focus on achievements and enjoyment, the Countryside Challenge uses the skills acquired in the RDA sessions. The course is designed to stimulate and challenge the rider and includes a variety of elements where skill, balance, confidence and accuracy are put to the test and it is FUN.

The National Chairman, Pat Downer and Ann Hall, National Programme Adviser, visited the championships to see it in action. We watched inspiring young riders with multiple disabilities going round the course where they had to post a letter in a pillar box, pick an apple from a tree and put it in a basket, negotiate ‘road works’, collect an egg from a hen coop, open a gate and go through an archway etc.  It’s not a race and each competitor gets points at each challenge and everyone gets a rosette with the winners in each class receiving a trophy.

Sponsoring this event will ensure its development and success over the next three years, enabling these inspirational riders to develop their confidence and skills, and it give a great deal of publicity to Trefoil at a big high profile sporting event.

Please do everything you can to help us reach our target of £30,000. As we have around 20,000 members so if each member raised just £1.50 we would easily reach the target! 
DC Thomson Media, The People’s Friend magazine publishers are offering a unique partnership with RDA and Trefoil Guild members. Read more on our partnerships page by clicking here>
All monies raised, however big or small, should be sent to the Trefoil Office, 17-19 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1W 0PT. Cheques can be made payable to 'The Trefoil Guild'.

The Trefoil website will show our progress as the months go by here.

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