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Online Subscription Info

***All payments are due between 3 January ad 22 February 2018***
National Subscription will £11.50, for County or Country and Region fees, please contact your County Chair.
Further information on how to pay will be available online soon.


I have paid £5 recently, do I still need to pay a subscription fee?
Yes. The £5 you paid was a joining fee, this is a one off payment all new members to the Trefoil Guild pay when they join. The subscription fee is an annual membership fee paid by all current members of the Trefoil Guild to cover the costs of the organisation and maintain delivery of The Trefoil magazine.

I am already a member of the Trefoil Guild, I did not receive a welcome letter, where can I find my membership number?
If you have been a member since before 1st November 2016 then you should have received the December issue of The Trefoil and a membership card with your membership number on, with a letter from the National Chairman discussing the new online process.
If you did not receive a magazine or have misplaced your Membership Card (including a Membership Number beginning with T010.. please contact the Trefoil Guild office and request a replacement.
If you would like to know your Membership Number please contact the Trefoil Guild Membership Helpline on 0151 668 0493.

How do I change my password if I have created an online profile?
Once you are registered you can view your personal information by clicking the Member Details tab, in this section you will see a button to Edit and then be given the option to Change Password.

I cannot remember my password and did not get to verify my email address during the registration process, how can I access my account?
Only 1 email will be sent following registration. The initial email is to validate the email address against the user account. If you do not know your password, and have not been able to verify your email address then you should go through the registration process again. This will regenerate a new password. If you have has verified your email address (by clicking the link in the email and entering your date of birth) but do not know your password, then you should use the forgotten password link on the login page.

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