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Online Subscription Info

All the information you need about 2018 subscriptions
***All payments are due by 22 February 2018***
National Subscription will £11.50
For County or Country/Region fees, please contact your County Chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to the article in the June edition of The Trefoil (click here to download article), below you can find answers to the queries we have received from members in regards to the new online process for renewing your membership.

This information will be added to, however if your query is not answered below, please contact the helpline number 0151 6680493

What should I do if I have already paid my subscription fee within my guild?
If someone from your guild is making one online payment for all the members in your guild and you have already paid your subscription fee for the annual membership to them, then you do not need to pay again. Log in to your online account and check your details: the status of your membership online may still say ‘to be renewed’ but this will be updated as soon as your nominated payee has paid the subscription fees for your guild.
I have paid £5 recently - do I still need to pay a subscription fee?
Yes. The £5 you paid was a joining fee; this is a one off payment all new members to Trefoil Guild pay when they join. The subscription fee is an annual membership fee paid by all current members of Trefoil Guild to cover the costs of the organisation and maintain delivery of The Trefoil magazine.
There are only a few people in my guild that use computers, how will the other members be able to go through the online process?
As with all things in guiding and Trefoil Guild, members can support each other. Already guilds are planning ‘Subscription Parties’ during which they will spend the meeting registering all members and paying subscriptions. If you give permission for another member to make a note of your membership number, postcode and an email address (they can use their own email address if you don’t have one), then they can register you online on your behalf.

What is my Primary Guild?
Many Trefoil Guild members belong to more than one guild; they should only pay one subscription and appear on one guild membership list, this is their Primary Guild.

What about the other guild(s) I belong to?
If you attend the meetings or activities of other guilds, you will need to pay their guild fee directly to them.

I am already a member of Trefoil Guild but I did not receive a welcome letter, where can I find my membership number?
If you have been a member since before 1 November 2016 then you should have received the December 2016 issue of The Trefoil which included membership card with your membership number on, with a letter from the National Chairman discussing the new online process. If you have joined  since November 2016, you will have received a welcome pack with a new card. If you have lost your card, replacement card order forms can be downloaded here. Alternatively, please call the membership helpline number 0151 6680493.

How do I change my password if I have created an online profile?
Once you are registered you can view your personal information by clicking the ‘Member Details’ tab, in this section you will see a button to ‘Edit’ and then be given the option to ‘Change Password’.
I cannot remember my password and did not get to verify my email address during the registration process, how can I access my account?
Only one email will be sent following registration. The initial email is to validate the email address against the user account. If you do not know your password, and have not been able to verify your email address then you should go through the registration process again. This will generate a new password. If you have already verified your email address (by clicking the link in the email and entering your date of birth) but do not know your password, then you should use the ‘forgotten password’ link on the login page.
When should I pay my subscription by?
The deadline for subscription payments is 22 February 2018. After this date, alternative arrangements will need to be made to be able to pay your subscription and remain a current member of Trefoil Guild.
How does a guild pay for all members at once?
One member should be nominated to make the payment, and all the subscription fees for members must be paid to the nominated member or into the guild account BEFORE they make the 2018 subscription payment. (The total fee should then be transferred from the guild account to the nominated member to enable them to have the correct funds to make the payment). The nominated member then completes the online process by logging in to their own account on the Trefoil Guild website, going to the ‘membership’ tab on the left and clicking ‘renew membership’. During this process there will be the option to ‘add another membership’ where you will be able to search for the other members of your Guild, add them to the booking and then pay for them all together.
Can guilds still claim Gift Aid?
Yes, a report will be available once all payments have been made and will detail how much guilds will be able to claim. Please see the HMRC website for more details.
Can I pay by credit card?
Credit card payments can be made using the online system. We would encourage members to use debit cards as this means that the Trefoil Guild is charged a lower fee when the payment is transferred and so more of your membership subscription can be used to benefit members.

Can I pay by BACS?
If you are paying online, you cannot pay via BACS. You must pay with a credit or debit card.

My guild bank account does not have a credit or debit card, how do I pay online?
If you are the nominated payee for the guild, before you pay, make sure the members of your guild have paid their subscription fees into your guild bank account or your own account if that is what you are using. If your guild account does not have a card, then you should make one payment from your guild account to your own personal account with the total amount for your guild and then make the online payment using a personal credit or debit card.

How are members registered for Talking Trefoil?
If a member needs to be registered for Talking Trefoil please email the Trefoil Guild office directly including the name of the member, their guild and the details of their guild Chair. Alternatively, on the member’s online account, you can edit the communication preferences and select ‘yes’ for Talking Trefoil.

How will I know if there are members in my guild who haven’t paid?
After the subscription window closes, we will send a report to the guild. If there is someone who is not on the list, and has therefore not paid, then you must contact them and speak to the office regarding late payments.

Previously I got a list of members in my guild, will that happen this year?
After the window for subscription payments closes on 22 February 2018, guilds will be sent a list of members who are registered and have paid their 2018 fees. Only this information will be shared, if you need further information about individual members in your guild, please ask them personally.

Will I get a receipt?
If you are making an online payment, via the website, there will be confirmation page at the end of the process which will confirm whether your payment has been successful or not. The office will not issue receipts for cheques. However, after the subscription window closes, the guild will be sent a report with a list of active members – those who have paid their 2018 subscription fees.

I am a county Chair, how do I know how many members are in my county?
Please ask your guild Chairs to provide you with the number of members in their guild.

Why does it say my status is “EXPIRED” or that “You cannot renew this member's membership online”?
If we did not receive a subscription payment for you for 2017 then your membership is marked as having lapsed and you need to contact the office on 020 7834 6242 Ext: 3010 – we will then amend this so that you can renew the membership online.

The Bulk Subscription Form is missing the second page with the information about the guild Chair, Secretary and Treasurer - how can I update this information?
This year the Bulk Subscription Form is only one page. If one of the guild officers (Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) has changed, please let your county Chair know, who will inform the office either by telephone or by email.

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