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London North East

London North East Trefoil Guild
All three Guilds have been active. As usual, not everyone can, or has the time, to do everything, but it’s important to maintain a varied portfolio –sometimes being together is the major element.
Stoke Newington had a light-hearted programme for March and April, following the “Guidiness” of Thinking Day. Folk Dancing is a yearly favourite for fun, fellowship and the kind of music not heard much elsewhere: no comment from me about March Hares. In early April, members treated their friends to their favourite jokes. They are delighted to have made contact with a new twin Guild in Scotland.
Tower Hamlets had a most interesting speaker- incidentally, the local Division Commissioner-on starting from scratch a nursery, furnishing and equipping it, staffing it, and keeping on good terms with its neighbours in a tower block, as well as helping the young customers grow and develop. Half of the Guild have continued their walking programme by discovering a new and clearly marked route in Hainault Forest, adorned with wooded sculptures- and furnished with a large picnic table at exactly the right point for a break. Now the weather is better the Guild have rescheduled Little Venice and Shakespeare’s London trail is planned for June. Three members took part in the Region’s Isle of Wight holiday and much appreciated the programme, the accommodation and everybody’s company- and the opportunity to revisit loved bits of the island. They were grateful for the huge amount of forward planning involved.
Central Guild managed to fit in a visit to Greenwich despite their major Guiding and Scouting commitments. As a County, it is good to have different perspectives on the objectives we all share. The coming season of annual reviews facilitates chances for togetherness. Click here to return to LaSER Counties
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