London South East
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London South East

During the Winter months, all Guilds in London SE have continued to have a varied programme.
During December and January, all Guilds had at least one festive meal in a restaurant-either lunch or tea.  In February, 42 Trefoil Guild members from the County met for a Thinking Day lunch at The Bromley Court Hotel. This has become an annual event.
At Christmas, carols were sung at Guild meetings, at Eltham Palace and at Cudham. Guilds have celebrated American Thanksgiving and held a Welsh evening. For one Guild, Charles Dickens has been the theme with a visit to Rochester. A talk about Charles Dickens’ life in the village of Higham, and a visit to his house, Gad’s Hill, is proposed for July 21st or August 18th 2016.
One Guild visited the Houses of Parliament in November and also held a “potted” life of BP and the growth of Scouting and Guiding- a brief resume for non Guiding Trefoil members.
Our disabled Guild combined their February meeting with Thinking Day celebrations and International activities with a Promise Ceremony for a new member held in candlelight.
As we move into the Summer Term, we are all looking forward to an equally busy term! click here to return to LaSER Counties page

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