London North West Report May 2016
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London North West Report May 2016

London North West Trefoil Guild Report May 2016
WESTMINSTER TREFOIL - The group enjoy Quiz sessions and enjoyed sessions identifying Countries and International Guiding events etc.  In March they enjoyed an Easter Hunt around their Secretary's home to find ingredients to decorate an Easter Cake.  Also in March they welcomed a speaker to talk about Horticulture, however, he visited and gave a talk on 'The Lesser Members of the Royal Family', enjoyable but not what they expected.  For their May meeting, the County Chairman, Cathie Nadkarni, was invited to talk about her visits to India since 1968.  Cathie is married to an Indian from Mumbai and talked about life in the home, food, education, caste, marriages etc. and passed around photographs to accompany her talk.  Members had lots of questions to ask and everyone thanked Cathie for her interesting account.
HAMPSTEAD TREFOIL GUILD- Whenever Hampstead write a report it always includes food, this report confirms it.  For Thinking Day we shared International food and participated in making Sushi by spreading rice on a cane mat, choosing our
fillings to go on the rice, then mastering rolling it up into a spiral, and hoping it doesn't fall apart before slicing it up - it was a great - and  a successful experience.
On 15th March Trefoil Members, as 'Friends of Pax  Lodge' joined many Guiding Members from countries around the world at a 25th Anniversary Celebration.  Opportunities to look at displays, talk to International visitors, and a super buffet and Celebration Cake was enjoyed by all.  One Speaker had been on the
Management/Organising Team at the start of the foundations being laid, and there when Pax Lodge hosted their first  International Congress.  She told us that behind the scenes, building had been delayed, even though the builders were still on site, paint barely dry, the day went ahead with members from all corners  of the world arriving.  She was so pleased that she could be present for the Anniversary
event and revisit  the special place that she had been involved in from the start.
The Catholic Guild Weekend this year was in Gloucestershire, and will be held there again next year.  Three of our group attend each year and enjoy learning crafts, and enjoying good meals and fun company.  They made objects out of paper 'cups & saucers, flowers etc. and decorated 'Holy Doors' (wall hangings).  New participants always welcomed (not exclusive to Catholic Members).
Our April meeting was on the eve of the Queen's Birthday.  A Birthday Card was signed by members, and personally delivered to the Palace by one of our members who lives in the Royal Mews. We raised our glasses wishing the Queen every happiness in her 90th Year.  Yes there was buffet to follow the 'toast'!
Ten members are hoping to receive tickets for the Annual Review in Margate,  and one member will be attending the Annual Review in Harrogate.  Trefoil Guild members are hoping to support the event in Greenwich on 18/19 June. click here to retun to London North West page

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