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If you still have a question that hasn't been answered here, by your Mentor, other participants or your Programme & Development Adviser, please contact us.
When did the Voyage Award start?
Nationally in 2013, however Anglia Region piloted the award prior to this.

Is the Voyage Award only open to Guild members or can Guiding leaders also take part?
Voyage Award is for Trefoil Guild members only. To join, find a Guild now - click here.

How can I participate in the Voyage Award?
Apply online via the links on the Voyage Award page. Please send payment either via BACS or by cheque before you complete the application. Payment details can be found on the bottom of the application form. Or, download the Voyage Award application form from the Trefoil Guild website, complete it and return it to the Trefoil Guild office with a cheque for £6 payable to ‘Trefoil Guild’.

Is the Voyage Award open to members worldwide?
The Voyage Award is open to all UK Trefoil Guild members, which includes the members in the TGIFC Guilds. We are happy to share our award with Trefoil Guilds around the world, but we are unable to administer the award in other Countries.

What will I receive when I send off my application form?
The Voyage Award record book & welcome letter, then it’s over to you!

What will I receive when I complete a level?
When a participant completes a level of the Voyage Award they will be presented with a metal badge and certificate specific to the level that has been completed. There are currently no certificates for individual sections, only whole levels.

Are there cloth badges available to buy?
You can purchase a cloth badge when you have completed your level. The badges are £1 each. Please contact the office or your programme adviser to purchase one.

Who is my Country/Region Programme Adviser?
National Adviser - Mrs Ann Hall   E-mail:

Anglia - Mrs Margaret Fleetwood   E-mail:
London & South East England - Mrs Judith Morris   E-mail: 
Midlands - Mrs Ann Medcalf   E-mail:
North East England - Miss Marjorie Emsley   E-mail:
North West England - Ms Chris Revett   E-mail:
South West - Mrs Teresa Baddeley   E-mail:
Scotland - Mrs Mairi Duff  E-mail:
Ulster - Miss Andree Best   E-mail: 
Wales - Miss Wendy Hinton   E-mail:

Our Guild is a National Guild rather than a Regional one – which adviser should we use?
If all or even the biggest majority of your members are from one Country/Region then it would seem sensible to link to the relevant Country/Region Adviser. However if you are spread over several Countries/Regions then you could if you wish link to the National Adviser. In this case it would be the National Programme and Development Adviser.

Why does each level have to be a minimum of one year?
From 24th October 2014 the minimum time for completion of the Bronze Level of the Voyage Award was reduced from twelve months to six months, however there is no change to the minimum 12 months requirement for the Silver and Gold levels of the Voyage Award.

We feel there is no rush or pressure for you to rush through the levels. We know some of you are very enthusiastic members and are so keen to get on with the sections however we want you to enjoy the award by spreading the time across a minimum of 6 months (Bronze) and 12 months (Silver/Gold). This also gives those who do not have as much time as long as they like to complete the award.

When am I able to start the next level?
Once you have completed a level, send your record book to your Country/Region Adviser and send a registration form for the next level along with a cheque for £6 made payable to 'Trefoil Guild' to the Trefoil Guild Office and you will be registered for the next level of the Voyage Award. Ensure the cheque is dated after your last section was signed off in your record book.

Why do I have to register and pay £6 for each level?
A registration form is required at each level to inform us that you have moved on and to capture any details that may have changed since you started the previous level, e.g. address or name. the £6 fee for each level covers the costs associated with taking part in the Voyage Award such as postage, badges and certificates.

On the introductory pages of the Record Book, it says to keep a simple record of what I do in the Record Book and use a folder to keep evidence of what I have done. Is the simple record a summary of what is in my folder or is this just the main heading of the activity I have done?
The folder is to keep anything and everything that you have for your award – this could include correspondence, photos, leaflets, samples of work and so on. You are to keep a folder of evidence that you can show to your mentor about what you have done – it is also quite nice to show others in your Guild, County etc as an example of what they could achieve by completing the award.

The record book is a short summary of what you have done throughout your award. The Record Book is the only thing you send into the Trefoil Guild office when you have completed all the sections of your award, therefore the office need enough information in your book to see that you have completed all sections with the required hours and that your mentor is satisfied with your evidence and progress.

There doesn’t seem enough room on the record pages for all my mentors and I want to write.
You can summarise the activity, include the hours completed on the record page and ask your mentor to sign it off. Your mentor will have looked at your evidence file and could write more in there if wanted.

Can I backdate my work?
No, the activities for your sections must start once you have registered for the award.

Who can be my mentor - what qualifications do they need?  
Anyone who has an interest or good knowledge of whatever you are doing i.e. the Brownie guider of the pack you are helping with or a tutor in IT if you are taking a course on computing. It can be a Guild member if they are appropriate for the role.

I don’t want to do any of the activities in the record book. What should I do instead?
The activities are only suggestions so you don’t have to do any of these. There are plenty of other things you can do, as long as you challenge yourself.

Some activities fit in more than one section. Which section shall I choose?
You may choose any section – perhaps choose the one for which you are short of hours. BUT you can’t use one activity in two sections!

Do I have to complete my activities for one section before starting the next section?
No, you may wish to do all your activities at the same time – but this may not be the best idea as it is a lot of work to complete at once, plus you have a minimum of 6 months (Bronze) or 12 months (Silver/Gold) after your date of registration to complete the award so there really is no reason to rush through it.

How much work do I need to put into each section?
As with everything in Guiding the challenge should be to do the best one can. This is why the Mentor is so important, they should be discussing plans with the participant and encouraging them to stretch themselves. Therefore if the Mentor is happy then the section can be signed off.

I’ve done many hours on one of my activities but I’ve only been doing this Award for 3 months. Does it matter?
As long as the whole award level takes you the minimum 6 months (Bronze) or 12 months (Siver/Gold) then this is okay. However it is your Mentor’s role to agree your plan and ensure that you carry out the activity to the best of your ability in the best amount of time. You only have to record your activity for the required number of hours. If you choose to continue with the activity then that’s great and you can write about this in your evidence file.

Can the amount of hours (for Service, Myself, Skills and Explore my world) be spread over several activities?
If you are able to complete the full amount of hours on one activity then that if preferable, as you are then making a considerable difference to others as well as yourself. However if this isn't possible then it can be spread over more than one activity.

Do I have to do activities from each suggested category? (E.g – Skills, do I have to learn a new skill, improve an existing skill AND share a skill with others?)
The suggested activities are merely divided into categories to make it clear what kind of activities you can do. The only section that you must do an activity from both categories is Teamwork, where you must plan AND participate in an event, however you don’t have to use the suggestions in the book, you could plan and participate in any event.

Can I count the same activity for more than one level?
If you would like to continue with an activity you have been taking part in for the Bronze level of the Voyage Award to complete the Silver level, the skills and knowledge must be extended and this must be documented in your evidence file and acknowledged by your mentor.

Explore my world - Some of the sections like Explore my World state that 20/40/60 hours should be completed over a minimum of 6 months (Bronze) or 12 months (Silver/Gold) – however visiting a foreign country would be carried out in a couple of weeks research and a couple of weeks travel but would far exceed the hours count.
It is the Mentor’s role to agree your plan, discuss your progress, offer advice and see that you carry out your chosen activity to the best of your ability in the best amount of time.
If the planned activity covers the hours required or more, but takes less than 6 months (Bronze) or 12 months (Silver/Gold), this is acceptable. However each level has to cover at least 6 months (Bronze) or 12 months (Silver/Gold) and the Certificate and Badge cannot be applied for before 6 months (Bronze) or 12 months (Silver/Gold) has elapsed.

I’ve lost my record book/certificate/badge, would it be possible to buy a new one?
Yes, replacements are £3 each for the books, certificates and badges are £1 each. Send a cheque for £3 or £1 to the Trefoil Guild office with a note to say what it’s for and we will send you a new one.

Do you have any examples or anything to use for a presentation to a Guild to encourage more participants?
There is a Power Point Presentation on the Voyage Award that can be downloaded from the Trefoil Guild website.

Can you put the syllabus on the website so that we can see what we have to do before committing to it by signing up?
The Power Point presentation mentioned above gives information and outlines of each section and what is required.

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