Girls appeared at the first Boy Scout Rally at the Crystal Palace, demanding to be allowed to join the movement.

The Girl Guides Association was formed.

Ex-Guides began to form unofficial groups with the purpose of maintaining contact with their old Guide companies.

An organisation named 'Old Guides' was formed.

The Girl Guides Association amalgamated the various groups of ‘Old Guides’ and the name ‘Trefoil Guild’ was adopted.

Trefoil Guilds were first registered.

The Trefoil Guild, while remaining part of the guiding movement, was given recognition as a self-governing, self-financing body and became responsible for former Guides in the United Kingdom and overseas territories.

The first constitution was ratified and a President appointed. The central office was established and a governing body, consisting of a Central Council and a Central Executive Committee, was formed. The Girl Guides Association gave the Trefoil Guild an initial grant of £1,500, and it became financially independent.

The Trefoil Guild launched a Holiday Fund for Guiders and Guild members in need of rest and recuperation. Information about Special Funds can be found here.

The minimum age for membership of the Trefoil Guild was lowered to 18 from 21.

The Trefoil Guild brought its administration into line with that of The Girl Guides Association. Country/Region Advisers, later known as Chairmen were appointed.

LINK International Fellowship, devised by the Trefoil Guild, was established to enable young adults to remain in contact with the Guide and Scout movements.

LINK approached the Trefoil Guild about the future of LINK members, male and female, who reached the LINK upper age limit of 30. The possibility of absorbing these young adults into the Trefoil Guild was discussed.

A resolution was passed to admit men into The Trefoil Guild.

A training scheme was introduced to help Guild members with planning and administration.

The Trefoil Guild raised over £51,000 towards the appeal for Pax Lodge study bedrooms.

The title 'President of the Trefoil Guild' was changed to 'Chairman of the Trefoil Guild'. A new office of President was created, the first holder being the Honourable Betty Clay, daughter of Lord and Lady Baden-Powell.

The Trefoil Guild celebrated its Golden Jubilee.

The Guide Promise was revised, and a new logo and design for the Promise Badge, now shared by all members of The Guide Association and the Trefoil Guild, was introduced.

Lady Juliet Townsend succeeded Betty Clay as President.

The Guide Law was revised and The Girl Guides Association was renamed The Guide Association.

A new handbook, entitled Welcome to the Trefoil Guild was produced.

On the death of Betty Clay, Lady Juliet Townsend became Patron of the Trefoil Guild and Jane Garside became President.

A range of Trefoil Guild occasional wear was produced for sale through Girlguiding UK Trading Service

The Trefoil magazine changed to three full colour editions a year with a new designer and printer.

The Trefoil Guild became a corporate member of Girlguiding UK.

Welcome to the Trefoil Guild was updated and renamed Trefoil Guild Handbook.

LINK was disbanded.

The National Internet Guild was launched.

Brenda Parke became President.

The Constitution of the Trefoil Guild was revised.

Gillian Ellis resigned as Editor of The Trefoil magazine.

Girlguiding UK marked 100 years of guiding with Trefoil Guild members sharing a large part in the celebrations.

The Trefoil Guild Handbook was revised.

The design and publication of The Trefoil was moved to Girlguiding UK.

Trefoil Guild withdrew membership from the International Scout and Guide Fellowship.

Associate Membership of the Trefoil Guild was discontinued.

The Constitution of the Trefoil Guild was revised.

Trefoil Guild celebrated their 70th anniversary.

The Voyage Award was launched.

The Trefoil Guild Handbook was updated.

Girlguiding UK marked 100 years of Brownies with Trefoil Guild members enjoying the celebrations.